Favorite Things…


A few of my favorite things that get my by as I focus on my health.  This tumbler was purchased at Costco.  It came two to a pack for like $20 and let me tell you.  I’ve never had anything work like it.  I put ice in in the a.m., add my water or what-not, and the ice is still there come end of day.  It’s melted down a bit, but I can tell you, whatever beverage is inside remains cold all.day.long. and I love it! 🙂  So, on my quest to hydration, this makes it so much easier to stick to the plan!

Cashews:  I’m always looking for something savory and crunchy mid afternoon.  A few cashews does the trick.  Crunchy, a little salty.  Yum.  I don’t use it unless I really need to, I try to go meal to meal without much snacking, but every once in a while, I need a fix and I am compliant with this.

Apps:  My top apps for this journey are:

BodyShot — I think it’s only for IOS, but it’s pretty cool.  It let’s you take a picture of your current self and record all your measurements and BMI.  Then, the next time you weigh, measure and take a picture it does a comparison for you, including before and after picture frames.  Pretty cool.

My Fitness Pal:  I use this to track all my food intake for the day.  Technically it’s not an important facet to Whole30 as long as you are eating “on plan”, but I have a tendency to eat without an end-time so when I track I tend to be in better control of that.

Garmin: I am a Garmin fan as far as energy tracking goes, but this would be the same if you had Fitbit, or whatever.  Get the app and look at it throughout the day to make sure you are maxing your burn time.

Running (or walking) for weight loss:  Again, may only be for IOS but these sites are great.  They come with a monthly fee, which I don’t mind, they lay out the entire running or walking program day by day.  You just turn it on and follow along.  Before you know it, you’re done with cardio for the day.

I think that’s about that for now — we’ll save some other favorites for another day when I can demonstrate their use and my knee isn’t a hindrance.

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