The joys of travel…

I have many things to be thankful for, especially when it comes to my career.

I’ve spent over nearly 30 years in the legal field, climbing the ladder along the way. A little over a decade ago I moved from working in law firms to the corporate world where I started working for a great boss who I have subsequently followed from company to company. We’re on our third endeavor now.

Working with Crystal has, for the most part, been an amazing ride. We have a great synergy. She’s wicked smart, works hard (sooo hard), and challenges me. She knows my strengths and gambles that I can figure out the things I don’t yet know, but that she needs me to handle. She doesn’t micromanage and we get each other’s communication style.

When I told her I was moving to South Carolina, she agreed to let me telecommute, which in 2017 wasn’t really a thing at the company we worked for. And that is when traveling on the regular became a thing for me.

Back in the day, I came back to Denver quarterly, which was great. Jake, my son, stayed behind when we moved. My brother lives there as do so many of our dear friends.

Then we moved jobs to a company in Houston. I traveled more often to get to know the new team. That was fine, but ugh, I was not a fan of Houston. Mostly a city of corporate buildings and not much to do. I have to say, I was not sad when this opportunity came along.

Our new company is back in Colorado. This time on the North end of the city, in a town called Broomfield. We’re a public company on a traditional quarter calendar, which means this time of year is BUSY. It’s proxy season and that means there’s a lot to tackle in a few months’ time. Which also means I’ll be traveling in to corporate on the regular.

Most of the time, I have to say, it goes smoothly. I book a flight, show up to the airport, board at the scheduled time and arrive without a second thought. Then there are days like today.

Today Frank rushed to get me to the airport so I wouldn’t be stressed (I still stress even with TSA-pre) getting to the gate. I arrived an hour and a half before scheduled boarding and since I arrived, my flight departure time has been changed no less than three times and my gate changed once (so far).

This is the part I really don’t love about travel.

The crowds, the waiting, the late arrival to the city with a long drive to the hotel to a town I’m really not familiar with. And did I mention I don’t see well at night?

I know I shouldn’t complain. Travel by plane is really a miracle in itself. Brian Reagan sums it up in one of his comedy stints. We’re sitting … in the AIR … flying!! And I’m thankful that, for the most part, it’s smooth sailing. But today, today I’m crabby about the delay. I’m hoping to get out at this latest posted time. I’m not holding my breath, but I am. Hopeful.

Wish me luck.

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