My baby girl graduated from her Esthetician program yesterday. Five month, 600 hours and a lot of hard work and practice and she’s on her way. We are so proud of her.

Moving to South Carolina was a tough adjustment for her. She was 17, and in her senior year of high school when we made the move. Even though she was in an online high school program, she had to leave behind the only home, and only friends she ever knew.

Over the years she’s made friends, and gotten used to being here, but hadn’t really found her place or move ahead. Then, about eight months ago she told me she kept coming back to her love of makeup and service to others. And this dream was born. It was all quite a whirlwind, but she landed on her feet and stepped up. Even when the material was hard, even when she was tired of the assignments and the tests. She kept at it with a great attitude and a hope for her future.

And here she is.

Next stop — Boards. And then she will be licensed in North and South Carolina. She’s just beaming.

To surprise her, about two months ago her best friend and I started plotting for she and her husband to be here for this weekend. We planned their arrival at our favorite fancy restaurant. Oh was Kenzie surprised. She literally had no idea. But the look on her face, her confusion, and then her overwhelming JOY when it clicked that she was actually standing right beside her…that was worth every sneaky text between us over these last weeks.

And it’s like a bonus for us. Demi is like a second daughter. We’ve had her in our lives for more than a decade and watched her grow and blossom as well. Our hearts are full.

What’s next for Kenz? Boards, like I said, and then she’ll find a job in her field. She’s work for a year or so and then her dream is to head back to the Rocky Mountains. My girl is a cold weather, mountain loving Colorado girl at heart. And I understand.

When that day arrives, my heart will break a little, but I will be happy for her because she will be happy. And really, that’s what we want for our kids. A sense of purpose, the ability to provide for themselves, and deep joy. I know God has his hand over both our babies, and knowing that, I feel a little better about the distance.

I have to say, after all the years, this has been my favorite season of parenting. Watching both our kids get on their feet. Jake has made a great life for himself out in Colorado and Kenzie is fast on her way.

Makes this momma’s heart happy for sure.

For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Woohoo Kenz!!! What a great surprise and so proud of all you have accomplished!! Your future looks so bright!


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    Southlake, TX 76092
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