I did it!

Yesterday, I completed a journey that I have been on for the last six months. More accurately, I’ve been on the journey for most of my life, but six months ago I decided to commit to gaining the tools I needed to make real impact in the lives of others.

Yesterday was the culmination of that commitment. I officially became a certified Christian life coach.

I have one of those faces. People have always seemed to naturally pour out when I’m around. I love that they do. I’m happy to be a soft, safe and inviting place where others feel it’s okay to let their guard down and to share what they are experiencing. Only, in the past I might have doled out advice. And that advice might be based on my own limited life experience.

About a year ago I started investigating how I could serve those who came to me in a better way. Especially those who are in more crisis modes than just girlfriend chatting. I started feeling a little “guilty” when someone would come to me with a more serious subject — like religious trauma or marriage transitions. I felt an obligation to gain some more tools than I currently possessed.

I started reading about life coaching v. counseling. I settled very quickly on life coaching. Therapists are those who help people through their past hurt and trauma. Thank goodness they do. And though often people have come to me in that stage, I realized what excited me more was walking along side of someone who had uncovered their hurt, and worked through some of the pain points and were now ready to carve out a new path for the future having learned from their experiences.

This is the work of a life coach.

So today I hang my shingle letting the world know I’m here to assist — to listen, to pray, to share what I’ve learned and to celebrate the victories of my clients along the way.

Please feel free to visit my website and pass it along to someone else who may want to explore how coaching can benefit their situation…

I look forward to the journey ahead.

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