Day 7

Back on Monday, after returning from our visit to Chicago, I decided to get my eating back on track. I was feeling so bloated, so over sugared and out of control I knew the best way to do this was to commit to a new Whole30. I’ve done it before, successfully, and really it’s closer to the way my weight-loss doc would have me eat. Why I don’t follow it for the most part on a consitent basis is more a testiment to my childlike rebellious nature than the difficulty of the program.

Whole30 is an elimination diet. It eliminates things that raise blood sugars or causes inflamation. Now, 100 pounds lighter than I once was, it’s easy for me to miss when I am inflamed. My joints used to be puffy and even redened, but since losing the weight it’s more difficult to discern when I have inflamation. But yet, here I sit at day 7 and I can see a noticable difference, especially in my face and hands.

Starting up again, I committed to sticking with the program for two weeks. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it’s my favorite holiday. Of course it is…think of all the yummy foods that are prepared and served. LOL. But here I am, one-week in, and I’m seriously thinking I’m in for the long haul. All 30 days. Regardless of what holiday falls in the middle. Because right now I’m feeling so good, so much less bloated, so much more focused that I can’t imagine why I was taking such a half-way approach to begin with.

The hardest thing for me to give up generally is dairy, especially since post-surgery I can eat it again without any problems. But I’ve come to realize even that is just a state of mind. In the past, when I’ve been Whole30, I just cut out coffee, because really, if I can’t pour the cup halfway full with my favorite sugar-ladened, dairy rich creamer, what’s the point? So, I really don’t enjoy coffee, I enjoy warm syrup? That really struck me this time. I have tried the creamer the program recommends, Nut Pods, a dairy-free, sugar-free coconut/almond milk based creamer before and wasn’t a fan, but they’ve come out with a winter 3-pack (pumpkin spice, mocha peppermint and cinnamon swirl) and I have to say, I decided to try it with an open mind and a better attitude and I’ve discovered it isn’t half bad. I’ve actually started looking forward to my cup of Joe first thing in the morning — and not for an energy bump, because truthfully, eating better has netted better sleep and therefore more energy — but for the pure ritual of having something warm in my hands on these cold mornings.

Sure, Whole30 takes a little additional planning and different choices at the grocery store, but I’m seeming to being embracing it more and certainly enjoying it more this round. Something in my brain is switched from rounds in the past. I have previously drudged through every day of the 30 days. Each day feeling longer than the last. My focus in previous tries has mostly been on what I can’t have, what I am missing. This time I’ve focused on what I get to have, how creative I can be in the kitchen. Heck, I even succumbed and made homemade mayo last night — and it wasn’t difficult.

Frank experiences a myriad of dietary issues when he eats certain foods and therefore lives very close to W30 as a norm, other than he likes his rice. But in educating him on the parameters of the program again yesterday, he was pretty open to joining me. There’s nothing on program, other than nuts, that he really has to stay away from. The thought of adopting this lifestyle with him gave me a whole new vision of what our pantry could become.

I’m interested to see where I am at the end of this 30-day cycle. I’m sure there will be rough days ahead. I’ve already had one-on-one fights with my sugar dragon in the form of a massive migraine day 2 & 3, but since that’s passed, things have been pretty much an even ride. I’m looking forward to the next three weeks to be honest. And I’ve even come to terms with sacrificing stuffing at this year’s feast. (insert a tiny face with the look of horror here). I’ll keep posting as I go — I’m excited to watch my progress along the way.

2 Replies to “Day 7”

  1. So proud of you and love seeing your posts again. Sorry I left you off the Boat
    List but I pray a lot for you also.

    Joy and Peace,



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