To new adventures…

Once upon a time I was a successful leader and free car driver in a well known skin care company. I fell into it quite by mistake at a time when I thought pedaling lipstick was beneath me. I was an executive for a healthcare software company at the time, traveling around the country and others implementing our program and training medical companies on how to use it. And I had a huge ego.

When I made my initial inventory order I did so knowing I would use it as a tax write-off. Period. I didn’t mention my products to anyone for months. And then I had my first child, Jake. I fell in love with him the moment I first held him and I had no intention of leaving him for a minute. Suddenly selling lipstick sounded like a brilliant idea and so it began. My love of all things sales. But it wasn’t the selling that nabbed me. Sure the money was decent. Some weeks I earned more simply selling my product than I would have earned at my J.O.B. But it was more than that.

We had weekly sales meetings, which I was skeptical of at first. Coming from corporate i had never seen so many professional women in one place where no one was one-upping the other. Instead these women were rallying around each other supporting each other in their goals and successes. I fell in love with the community. I found it with my customers, my team members, my leadership. It literally changed who I was for the better. I became a softer, kinder, much more empathetic person through my years there.

When my mom got sick I was supported by my team, my leader and my company but I just shut down inside and over time I lost what I had built and I lost my desire to continue. I spent a few years healing from the loss of my mom, and towards the end we moved to Colorado and we had our second child in tow. I decided after a few years to head back to work.

I don’t regret that decision. I’ve been in my current job for about 7 years now. I make pretty good bank doing what I do and I work from the comfort of my home.

But here I am, years later going along swimmingly when I receive a phone call about an opportunity. My interest is ignited. I call back and am introduced to a different direct sales company. I am working really hard during that call to be reasonable and not to be interested. I’m too old to start something like this again, I just moved here, I don’t know anyone, Etc., etc., etc. and then I find out I have cancer and my world goes on hold.

I am so thankful for my family and for the friends I have made here and for my friends all over the country who got me through that bump in my story, but in going through it I realized a few things. I realized I have a lot of things left to do, people to meet and lives to touch! And suddenly I started thinking again about that phone call.

I still didn’t know how the company had heard about me. But I was glad I had the information. I started praying about it–was this the right time, the right place? Then one day I went to get the mail and I had a small package from my friend Kim. Kim and I met years ago through a very short-lived direct sales venture I tried in Colorado. We clicked and have kept in touch over the last decade.

The package came with a sweet card and a Park Lane bracelet. And I made the connection. Kim was how PL had heard of me and I felt like it was the nudge I needed to move forward.

I am excited about this new venture. I feel strangely calm and at home already. I feel a sense of community with my leadership and this is just the beginning.

At this time in my life I’m looking to build my retirement and to travel. Park Lane offers me ways to do both. They have a great compensation plan, which from experience I know I will get out what I put in so that’s in my control, and they offer two amazing trips a year! The current promotion is for St. Maarten. All inclusive. The style I would like to become accustomed to. In addition I have the opportunity to build community again. And to encourage others in pursuit of their passions and dreams. There is something so invigorating about that opportunity. I’m literally hungry to help others.

If you live locally, I’d love to work with you to create a fun get together for your friends. If you live far away, I’d love to create an online event, or maybe even plan a trip to come visit in person. If you are interested in learning more about what I do or what Park Lane has to offer, let me know and we’ll connect! Just say the word and I am excited to meet your needs!

I look forward to seeing where this adventure leads–where I’ll be in one year, five years down the road! I invite you to come along for the journey!!

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