Movin’ & groovin’

Thought I would give an update from my “determination” post from last week or so. Things are good and seemingly back on track.

I have decided to go all-in health wise because I know I can’t exercise a crappy diet and I can’t eat myself to a toned body. Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand…but some days it feels so dang hard to made good, consistent choices.

For now I am doing a couch to 5k just for some interval conditioning. I actually managed a 9.38 minute mile (for one whole minute) today!! Pre-surgery I could barely manage a 22-minute mile without needing a break.

I am a member of the Beachbody on Demand program. It’s about $100/year for online access to a ton of workout programs. Let’s be honest, I was gung-Ho at first and then dabbled in the programs thereafter. Silliness. I have all these great tools at my fingertips. It’s about time I use them. Because not only does the program contain great exercise programs, it covers nutrition as well. So, I sat down the other day, looked through all the options and landed on a program called “80 day Obsession”. The exercise part will be fun bc it won’t ever be the same workout twice in a row, but more importantly it has a great nutrition component, which I desperately need.

Portions are my biggest downfall. Obviously post surgery I’m limited to what I can ingest at a sitting but my brain still thinks I can eat the kitchen sink and so when I make a salad, it’s more a family-sized portion than a single-size. Craziness!

The program here uses these cute little colored containers to assist with portioning. Red for protein, green for vegis and so on. They have you calculate your caloric need and that determines how many of what container you need to eat in a day and then you plan your meals accordingly. I can’t tell you the tool planning ahead is.

I find when I have a plan, one that is written down, that I can check off, how much more smoothly my day goes and how much better I feel at the end of the day.

We go on vacation next week, and I’m not delusional…we’re going to NY and I’m sure I’ll indulge a bit while there, but we’re staying in a flat with a kitchen where we’ll prepare at least some of our meals. We’ll be walking a ton while there, which I’m excited about, and when I return–let the 80 day obsession begin. I did all my before shots and measurements the other day. Can’t wait to see the difference 11 weeks will make!!

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