Today is day 3 of exercise this week. I have to say day 1 & 2 were rough, but day 3 was good. Probably bc I was highly motivated by the scale today, which isn’t the norm for me. Having lost more than -100 lbs post weight loss surgery two years ago I tend to use other things as an indicator for staying on track; how my clothes fit, if I feel bloated, etc. but today I jumped on the scale and the needle had moved a bit in the wrong direction.

When I got sick back in August I kept at it…working out and eating like nothing had changed. I felt good, I felt strong, and I believe it’s much of why my treatment and recovery went so smoothly. But then I had the lumpectomy and I needed to recover so I sat on the couch. And then there were days I felt sad or fearful about the future and where did I turn? I turned back to food. Bad habits–old habits are hard to break. Even two years later.

It’s been a slippery slope since October. And recently I’ve been noticing the repercussions of my lack of diligence. I’ve lost a lot of the tone I had worked to build and now the needle has moved. Not one or two pounds, but 8. Eight pounds in the wrong direction. Now, I have things in perspective. Eight pounds is not the end of the world. I still weigh less than I did on my wedding day…but if left unchecked 8 lbs can become 18 and then 80 before ya know it. So…no more games.

I joined weight watchers earlier this week to get some boundaries and better food choices going and I’m becoming consistent again with moving. And together those habits should put me back on track. I have -20 to go to goal and it’s almost summer which is always the more active part of the year for me. I’m feeling positive and committed…I welcome cheers and prayers on my behalf!

Like I always say…surgery removed a portion of my stomach but it did not remove my brain. Every day it’s about the choices I make and today I choose my health!

2 Replies to “Determined…”

  1. Love your honesty and determination. You share such insight and the gift
    Of writing skills.
    Hope to see u tomorrow.

    Joy and Peace,


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  2. Like I have always said you are a warrior a Queen and it seems that everything you say and do, simply being you is packed full of powerful nuggets that I can pull from! You are appreciated and I’m proud of you for your self-awareness and more importantly doing something about it! I believe in you!


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