Tuesday night we officially celebrated the passing of another semester of bible study. This semester Tammy and I team-taught Angie Smith’s wonderful study called “Seamless”. It goes from Genesis to Revelations in seven weeks and shows how the books connect to one another, not always in the order you find them in the Bible, but how they weave together none-the-less. It’s a seven week course, and obviously it doesn’t go tremendously deep, it is by far more wide of a study, but it’s not to say that I wasn’t challenged, and didn’t learn a ton. And it’s the third time I’ve been through the study. Twice as a student, and once as a teacher.

It’s interesting. This was the first study I engaged in after I left the LDS church. I had very little grasp on the bible as a whole for sure at that time. Even as great as this study is and as simplified as many parts of it are, I still remember feeling overwhelmed. I think I was just overwhelmed by everything at the time. Here we are a few years later and life has calmed down and I have my faith feet more firmly planted under me and I was so able to enjoy what I was reading, what I was learning, and the delightful spin and connections Angie Smith was adding along the way.

Aside from the material, the group of ladies who I was privileged to share this time with came to my home and celebrated our time together with good food and great conversation. Listening to the buzz around the downstairs of my house, hearing the laughter, observing the sincere friendships that have formed during this time through our study together and prayers on behalf of one another just did my heart so good. I’m still smiling days later. These ladies are so wonderful, each in their own way. They contributed personal understanding and sincere questions throughout — that they felt safe enough to do that speaks volumes of this group of gals.

And Tammy — my co-guide — I can’t speak enough about her. Tammy has this absolutely calming presence about her. Her voice is soothing, her prayers are heartfelt and patient, her knowledge of the Word blows me away, but what hits me in the feels the most is her servant heart. She truly cares for the ladies in our group and it shines through. I have learned so much from her, not just in this study, but in being around her, watching her as she treads through difficult times in her personal life while she leans on God to get her through. She has taught me volumes in her daily walk just by being her.

I feel truly blessed to have founds such a wonderful church home, with such beautiful leadership where the community is strong. I feel privileged to serve with these women and for these women. God is certainly good.

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