March 9th marked 23 years married for Frank and I. The milestone that is today is not lost on me. Our life has been marked by highs and lows, ups and downs, and so much laughter along the way. I am grateful for him, and for the life we have built and share together.

This year we kept it simple. When I was sick, my friend, and former boss, Mike, and sister-friend, Randi, got together and sent me a gift certificate to the Biltmore. One of my favorite places to visit since moving to the South. They both figured I’d get plenty of flower…they wanted to send something that would be used after everything was good again.

So, this weekend we made the short trek to Asheville, only this time, I got to share the weekend with my husband and daughter who had never been.

We arrived early Friday and were able to check right into our room, which was great. From there we went straight to the house for lunch at the Stable cafe and then onto tour the estate. It was such a treat — this time around the theme was “visitors of the family”. Based on pictures, they had the clothing recreated and placed on manequins around the house. The detail recreated was amazing. And they had opened guest rooms that I hadn’t been in previously. I am always in a bit of wonder when I visit. It’s just so grand and lovely and warm at the same time.

Later that evening we had dinner at Cederic’s Tavern on the grounds near the winery. Frank was so excited to have so many GF options and that they all tasted wonderful. That’s so unusual for him to be able to go out and really enjoy a hearty meal these days. Kenzie and I took full advantage of “vacation” mode and split dessert. And wow, was it amazing.

It was just so nice to get away and enjoy our time together. I can’t say it enough, how happy I am, how good life is…we are truly blessed.

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