Brackney B&B…


We have been so blessed lately with visits from Denver friends.  Last weekend, Brian and Alison visited.  Brian is a wine cellar artist/installer and he was here to attend a few days with one of the materials providers in Greenville so he and Ali decided to make a week of it.  The week ended with a visit to us.  So much fun.  We started off on Friday night with a walking ghost tour of Charlotte.  That was amazing.  Just to learn some of the history of such an old city.  It’s sad that we have to have visitors to start exploring the place we now live.  We’re going to have to work on that for sure…the tour culminated in the old city graveyard, which was pretty creepy if I do say so, and I usually don’t get squeemish about such things…I did capture a really cool picture down there — unfortuantely, it’s the only one I thought to take being night and all.


Saturday we woke and Ali, Kenzie and I ran down to Baxter to have a quick meet and cut with my girl, Summer, and then there was a business fare going on so we went booth to booth for a bit.  Afterwards we stopped for lunch and headed home to enjoy a quick nap.  Frank and Brian enjoyed some catch up time while we were out and about as well.

Saturday night we took them to Webb Custom Kitchen — our favorite eating spot in Gastonia.  And let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint.  Amazing as always.  We came home and spent some time just chatting and catching up.

Sunday was a treat.  Alison and Brian have been such instrumental friends in my growing faith.  We went to early service at our church and it was just such a full-circle moment.  Years ago I started attending their church, which then became my church, but to have Ali there next to me, in our church, worshiping together — that was such an amazing moment.  I feel so blessed to have shared it with her.

From there we had lunch and then they headed to the airport.  Such a wonderful few days, but never enough time.

Monday came and back to reality.  Never enough hours in the day.  I’m working double-time at the office trying to get everything buttoned up before my surgery on Wednesday.  I’ll be out a week or so afterwards which is an eternity in Air Methods’ time.

This weekend I did get to take Elsa for a long ride.  Went to check out a used leather jacket in a small, small town in North Carolina — Grover — it was about a 45 minute ride each way.  Unfortunately the jacket didn’t fit when I arrived, but it was a great excuse to get her on the open road (both sides and freeway).  Seriously, I can’t explain how great she is.  Such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. What a wonderful and inspiring visit and celebration. Will be praying for focus as you double time work.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Love u

    Joy and Peace,


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