A little like a bee sting…

bee sting

So, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a big baby when it comes to needles.  I arrived at my biopsy yesterday pretty amped up already, because well, it’s a little on the scary side to go through the process.  They brought me back, prepped me and then began to talk me through the procedure.  The first step is the numbing step, which requires a few shots of lidocaine.  I expressed that I was needle phobic and they assured me I wouldn’t have to see the needle at all, which was true. I didn’t see anything.  However, they described every step so there would be no surprises, which I actually appreciated.  When they got to step one, the radiologist said, “now, this is going to feel like a small bee sting and then it will burn a bit as we numb the area.”

The picture above is what entered my mind which so didn’t help me remain calm.  My eyes welled up a bit from fear and just overall angst.  But, in the end, it really was only a pinch and then some burning, and then I didn’t feel anything after it other than pressure.  The whole procedure was over in around 30 minutes.  They feel they got a good sample.  And now we wait.  I should know the results by Friday, which will probably feel like it is taking forever by the time the phone rings.  I’m not a patient waiter.

At least my cousing will be flying in from Illinois today and we’ll be heading down to the Biltmore for a few days of play.  Her timing couldn’t be better.  What an amazing distraction this will be!  So glad to have good things to fill my time this week.

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