Skeptic no more…

I have always enjoyed essential oils. I love how they scent a room when diffused. I enjoy a good bath bomb and once I made sugar scrubs as Christmas gifts…but actual health benefits? Snake oil is what I was thinking. Until recently (and by recently I mean tonight)…

I had pasta tonight. Homemade pasta even. I taught my daughter, her bestie and my sister how to make pasta dough and then we used my new Kitchenaid attachment to press the dough and create yummy spaghetti and fettuccini. No, this is not typically on my eating plan. I went to bed several hours later and then at 2a I woke up with a scorching case of reflux. The nasty acid kind. Thought I was going to die.

After coughing to the point of dying, this oil popped in my head. Digize. When my oil kit first arrived and I was opening all of my oils, I specifically remember thinking well, that’s not going to be a favorite to diffuse. But then I didn’t have a reason beyond thinking of lovely scents like citrus, lavender and the like. Tonight I had a need.

I grabbed Digize, grabbed a carrier oil (coconut), combined the two and rubbed it on my feet. Next I rubbed Digize directly on my throat and then just held the bottle by my nose and inhaled. I have no idea if I did any of that correctly, but in just a few moments I started to feel relief. The acid calmed and the coughing slowed to more of a clearing of my throat.

I’m sure some out there will call me crazy, a “mother earth-er and the like. Whatever I may be, tonight…tonight I am a believer.

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