I am sitting on an airplane on my way to Denver as I write this, my eyes burning from exhaustion as I had to wake at 4:15a to catch my early morning flight. Truth be told, I haven’t slept well in a few nights.

Last Saturday I painted our guest room. While blowing my nose to get rid of said paint and some dust, my tissue slipped and I caught the very inside of my nose with my nail, cutting the soft tissue and causing it to bleed. I got the bleeding stopped quickly and went on about my day not thinking twice about it.

Sunday I woke and the top of my nose was a little pink. By Monday it was worse and starting to hurt from the pressure. By Tuesday I started to look like my maternal grandfather, who, as much love as I had for the man, was a raging alcoholic complete with a red bulbous nose. All I saw in the mirror on Tuesday was Grandpa Sloan. And I can even drink again until August 1!

Anyway, I finally got into the doc on Wednesday and she diagnosed me with MRSA. Basically like a staph infection. Nice. She gave me the highest dose of Bactrim she could and told me to see her upon my return and if it got even a hair worse to go to the hospital in Denver. Oh crap, so this is serious? Yes, yes it is. Today is day 3 of meds and my nose is better. Not as red. Definitely not as swollen. Much less painful. I am thankful.

My trip is shorter this time, still a week but a pretty busy week already. Seeing Jake on Saturday will be one of the highlights. He’s doing well on his own, but this momma still misses her baby boy for sure.

Today I’ll see Mel! Yay! And Alana this evening and tomorrow part of the day. Sunday is church, the Boyer’s and Alicia & Brett and their new precious baby boy, Wiley. Work Monday – Friday and then back home.

Next week Kenzie’s bestie will visit from Florida and my sister as well. So glad she is finally coming for a visit. She’s so excited! I’m just glad we’re in the house and have the space for the visit!!

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