When I set out to move, the most nerve-wracking part was telling my boss and hoping she’d let me continue with my position from the east coast. Overall I’ve worked with her for going on six-years. It’s a good gig, keeps me challenged and pays well. When she said yes I was a little stunned. And it’s been a bit challenging moving into telecommuting, but I truly feel blessed on so many levels.

Alicia, our healthcare attorney, is out on maternity for a few months. As her paralegal I’ll be pitch-hitting where I can in her absence Z. It’s pretty big shoes to fill. Being a healthcare aviation company, were heavily regulated and there’s a lot of ground to cover, not to mention just a lot of dynamics to our business.

Though corporate is in Denver, our patient business services and advocacy leg is in San Bernardino, CA. I have worked with some of the people there for my entire six years having never met face-to-face. A few weeks ago Crystal asked if I’d like to go.

Originally, we were scheduled to go the Monday after we closed on the house, which was a bit stressful if I’m honest. That got delayed to this past week. Much better. So Wednesday we flew out and spent dinner Wednesday and all day yesterday with the team.

It was so great. I learned so much about this end of our business, which is funny to say after six years thinking I had a pretty good grasp of things, but I did. And I got to meet my teammates and friends from a distance. So so great.

I spent the most time with Matt. Such a sharp guy and just so dang funny. I was in stitches half my day. We took a selfie to share with Alicia. It would’ve only been better had she been there with us.

One of the highlights though had to be last night. Crystal and I were both spent and needed a quiet evening so we bowed out of dinner with others and went together. We had Mexican down in Riverside at the Mission hotel. Now that’s a beautiful place. Very 1930’s posh elegance! Right up my alley!!

We finally got seated (that’s a story in itself) and just talked. Crystal is a busy woman. She has a LOT on her plate with work. Over the years I learned to work with her and appreciate the autonomy she gives me, but sometimes I wish I had more time with her. Last night was a great. It reminded me of when it was just she and I. Before she’d built the department. We didn’t chat shop much, we just swapped stories and laughs and had nice conversation. And it was good. She also asked me if I wanted to come in more often than quarterly, which I think I do. Every other month works better than a long stretch quarterly. Anyway, I was appreciative of the time with her, and the time spent in Cali.

Even with all that, I’m super excited to get home. Today marks 22 years since Frank and I tied the knot. What a journey it’s been along the way. Three houses, two kids, and three states later I can honestly say I love him in a way I never imagined I could love someone. He is my rock, my comfort, my home. I had no idea what an amazing choice he would be all these years later, but boy, did I hit the jackpot with that one! He literally makes my heart sing!

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