I love that every day, hour, minute, week, we can start over “new”.  Last week was abysmal when it comes to working out.  I was just plain tired and in a funk so I was absent at the gym.  I didn’t even bother with my Garmin there for a few days because I knew the headspace I was in.  And you know what?  That’s OK.  I don’t feel bad, or guilty, or any shame in it.  In the scheme of my average exercise for a month a few down days here or there isn’t fatal.  As long as I get my butt back up and start anew.  And that was today.

Last week I had lunch with a new friend, Alisha.  She also happens to be an amazing photographer and took our most recent family photos.  She’s fun and smart and asked if I wanted an accountability partner.  Why yes, please, I do.  It’s funny.  I’ve always, I mean always done my workouts as a lone ranger.  Even when I was competitive.  I’d head to my own corner to do weights or sneak away from the pack for a run.  For me it’s always been a solo endeavor.  I can stay focused, get in get done get out.  I like that.  But, on the downside, I also can sit home, lay around, and be lazy and no one but me knows.  Not so great.  So, I thought I would try something new.  I have more experience in the gym than Alisha does and I think that will be good for her.  Having someone to commit to and celebrate with will be good for me overall.  So — today was day one.

YMCA’s here are a big thing.  They weren’t in Phoenix and Denver.  I had a bad attitude about them at first.  In Denver they tend to be more in the city, in lower-income areas.  Which is fine, I just never visited one.

Here, they are pretty fancy.  They rival any fitness center I’ve been in.  Really, some of the equipment was state of the art.  And the pool they have is amazing, inside and outside.  That will come in handy as I move towards triathlon training.

Alisha and I met at 7:45a and hit the treadmills first and then the weight (machines).  I found the ab machine, and I’m already paying the price on that.  In a good way.  Tomorrow is going to be a different story.  The nice thing about having the membership is that it’s good anywhere in the nation.  Which right now includes the facility right by the apartment over in Baxter.  I had no idea there was one there.  So, we’ll meet today and tomorrow by the house and then Wednesday/Thursday over here at Baxter, which will be really nice.  Not as far of a drive for sure.

runningI ran today — increased my time to under 12 minute miles.  I did an overall mile in 13:44 — not too bad.  That will improve with consistency I’m sure.  I’ve also started scouting out a Trek WSD bike to buy on Craig’s List.  Looks to be about $500 used.  I can swing that.  Certainly better than an all-out investment if I’m only going to do a tri here and there over the summers.

Feel pretty good overall.  Certainly feeling stronger for having gone.  Hopefully my abs won’t be so sore I can’t stand up tomorrow!

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  1. Great job my friend! I’m glad your not beating yourself up over not workout last week. It’s important to not get so down on ourselves that we just throw in the towel. I’m very proud of you and you have come so far now that you will continue to crush your goals. The best part is you have a buddy to workout with and you can help pass on the things you have learned! You have no idea how powerful that is for her, she will really appreciate the support and knowledge you bring. You are an awesome example of someone who truly has a full heart and is eager to help! Standing ova to you and keep on winning champ!

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