Christmas in February…

Things are starting to arrive! 🙂  Things for the new house.  So very excited!  Two of the throw rugs showed today and I was able to put the paint samples down.

small rug - paint

Apparently I picked chameleon colors because alone, the top and bottom paints are very coastal green, but here, against the blue in the rug they come out coastal blue.  And so so soft.  I think I am in love.  Which is quite a relief in the end.  I have really been lamenting my choices.  It’s a big decision, especially if I have to paint the whole house.  I don’t want to do that twice.  No way.  Seeing them together has given me the confidence in my choices for sure, and now I can let out a sigh of relief.

Tomorrow we get a quote from the painters (I’m a lot nervous about that price tag, I won’t lie) and then Alisha is going to come on over and put in her 2 cents.  Three weeks exactly till close.  I am literally counting the minutes now.

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  1. Well it looks awesome and I’m so very happy for you. All the choices can be overwhelming just remember to enjoy yourself you have worked hard for all of this!

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