Like many, the holidays are a time I generally lose my mind when it comes to eating healthy.  It is what it is and I’m certainly not beating myself up over it.  In years past it would have been much worse and much longer.  I indulged in carbs and chocolate.  I ate stuffing and candy and popcorn, albeit much smaller portions than I had in the past.  I sat on my butt and didn’t exercise for nearly a week.  And now the craziness is over.  Yesterday I got back in the saddle and started anew.

I hit Pilates and though I’m a long ways from mastering it, I managed to do most of the moves through their entirety and that gave me a great workout on those tired muscles.  I ate healthy portions and predominately protein.  I did have a little popcorn at the movie I took my daughter to, but came home right after and made the most delicious Italian dish with “zoodles” … I didn’t use zucchini though.  I don’t particularly enjoy the bitter taste I feel zucchini brings to the party.  I used butternut squash.  And it was lovely.

zoodlesIt wasn’t all low-fat.  I had some yummy Kielbasa that no one else in the family was going to eat so I cut that up and added it.  Otherwise it had spinach, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms onions and a dab of pesto.  It was absolutely delicious.  And I was satisfied but not tired 20 minutes later like I used to be from pasta.  That was a nice bonus.   I recently bought the spiralizer attachment for my Kitchenaid blender and I think it will be getting some serious use in the near future.  It’s a great way to get vegis in for sure.  Next go around I’ll add some shrimp I think as my source of lower fat protein.

I am seriously toying with the idea of returning to Whole30.  Other than removing dairy, it’s pretty much how I should be eating.  And it’s a 30-day exercise.  It just helps me remove the focus from eating and I experienced so many healthy benefits last time around.  And really, the dairy isn’t that big of a deal, other than my protein shakes.  And even those I have a good vegan option that I can mix with water rather than milk.  The only hitch would be that I am supposed to make a trip back to Denver for work around the 3rd week of the month.  I will be couchin’ it at Mel’s and not in control of my food purchasing so much.  That makes me nervous that I will fall off track or at least not complete the whole 30 days completely on program.  But I suppose that isn’t the worst thing in the world.  three weeks of compliance is better than none, and it will certainly give me a nice kick start in the right direction.

On the house side – we prevailed.  Though it was much of a fight.  Our builder is truly wonderful to work with and they have agreed to replace the gray tile with white subway tile in the bathroom.  I’m thrilled.  Only caveat is that the white tile is thinner than the gray or other tile that I could have selected and now my accent tile is too thick to use.  Which bums me out — it’s so lovely.  I had selected a Carrera marble Moroccan pattern for the accent in the shower.

carrara-carrera-bianco-honed-arabesque-marble-mosaic-tile-27I’m not sure what I’ll pick now — perhaps a pretty Carrera penny tile if that is thinner.  I just want something in there to jazz the place up.  I really had my heart set on the pattern above, but it’s all about compromise.  I definitely do not want to stick with the gray.  I have a meeting on the 2nd to reselect the accent, so I’m excited about that.

Otherwise, things are good.  Frank is planning out his office at the new house.  He needs time and a lot of measuring.  He’s a planner.  I more need to feel the space once I’m in it.  I did pick up some paint samples and realized pretty quick that I cannot marry Agreeable Gray with Sea Salt.  It turns the AG pink in certain light.  No bueno.  So, I will either revert back to a lightened version of Revere Pewter so that I can introduce the Sea Salt or I will stick with Agreeable Gray and use a darker green/gray like Comfort Gray.  I know none of that means much to anyone else, but it helps me to talk through it, so I guess in some ways I am like my hubby.

Well, time to hit the gym.  Cardio today.  I’m jazzed.  Time to get some steps in…

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  1. I’m so very proud of you. The whole 30 thing may be great if it gives you the desired feel. I feel like it’s great to be able to use several diet platforms so that you don’t plateau. I’m very interested in the tile design so please keep us posted. awesome post as usual.


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