Day 3 — Liquid Fog


This is my brain on an all liquid diet after 3 days.  Today I started romancing thoughts of McDonald’s and Burger King.  Not even meals I enjoyed as a rogue binge eater.  Why now?  Probably because I’m fidgety, hungry, and oh yah, I ran out of my ADD meds yesterday and can’t refill them post-haste because I switched from Vyvance to Adderall and my doc apparently has to send something or other to the insurance company to be able to process the pick up from my pharmacy.

Overall, I think I’m fairing pretty well.  I’m drinking a lot of water and getting most of my shakes in.  I am allowed up to 5 a day, so far I haven’t exceeded 4.  I just don’t feel hungry at night after my normal dinner time shake (4:30 – 5:00p).  I tell you what, though.  One benefit has definitely been sleep.  I have been sleeping like a baby the whole night through.  That is not the norm for me.  I usually wake a few times during the night.

I am always amazed when I see what foods do to me.  I can’t tell you which ones, but I can hanker a guess.  Gluten, corn, legumes.  I think all of them have a swelling impact on my body.  Two days out my feet shrunk back down to normal size — a little swelling, but not like they were.  Even my rings fit better.

The cravings for food right now are strong, but I am persevering.  Someone reminded me to drink my fluids and pray for Grace.  I think I need to stop and take a moment to do that.  Pray — I’m hoping that helps me hold strong.

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