Shakes…and then more shakes


This is the start of my week prior to surgery.  Things are getting serious.  This week I will work to shrink my liver so my doc has a good view inside of what he is working on.  To do that, I get to drink 5 protein shakes a day.  Oh, and some Crystal Light if I’m so inclined.  It’s all fluids this week, so pardon me if I appear hangry more often than not…

The protein drinks have to be very specific.  20 gms or less of protein (but definitely in the double-digits), single digits of sugar and fat content.  And then I can drink any non-calorie based drink (really we’re going for zero sugar and no carbonation).  I can do this.  I’m strong.  I can tough it out.  It’s my new mantra.

My friend Ali, in solidarity, is juicing this week.  She has some health issues that could benefit as well.  It’s nice to have some company in this phase.

I am still in a little shock that we’ve reached this point in the process.  In February it felt like this day would never come.  Back then it was just an idea, an investigation, a decision.  Now it’s a reality.  And I have to say, this morning, I feel a little overwhelmed.  I’m good.  I’m just really taking in all that is ahead.  The level of dedication to my health I am taking on.  I know it’s for the right reasons and will be for the best in the end.  But between here and there is quite a stretch of land to cover.

We had dinner last night with my brother and SIL.  PF Changs, since Chinese is definitely not on my future menu.  It was good, I enjoyed it, I didn’t lament it.  I am looking forward to being healthy and making healthier food choices.  I am looking forward to moving more and being more generally active.  I am really looking forward to horseback riding with my girl.  I keep that at the forefront of my decision tree.  I want to share things with her and my husband that I am not able to at this weight.  I’m ready for the restrictions on my life to be lifted.  I am ready.

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