Final steps…


Yesterday marked my last pre-operative appointment.  I met with my doctor’s PA and went over the procedure, any questions I had, expectation v. reality, and all the things I need to do/know/accept to prepare for surgery on the 31st.

It’s so surreal.  Four months ago it felt like this day would never come.  I had so many things to do in front of me.  Hoops to jump through.  Targets to hit.  And here I am. Literally days away from going under the knife.

I have mixed emotions.  I’m excited to see where I’ll be a year from now.  What will I look like, what will I weigh, how much more active I will be.  Life will be different in some ways.  There are things I cannot do now that I probably won’t think twice about then.  However, I am nervous about the change in my relationship with food.

All these things swirling in my head at once.  But most of all, I feel thankful.  Thankful for a husband and friends who are supportive of my journey.  Thankful for a doctor who will literally pray with me before we go into surgery.  Thankful for God, who loves me like I am and will help me through the coming days, weeks and months; who has granted me peace beyond even my requests for it these last few weeks.

I am excited to be on the other side…12 days to go.

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