Just keep walking…


Such a brighter outlook today.  I went walking with my neighbor and good friend.  I love girl time so much!  She, like me, struggles with yo-yo’ing.  But we’re both trying hard and heading in the right direction, I think.  It was good to talk through some things with her today — nothihg specific, just a check and balance for what I am doing health-wise, BEFORE surgery occurs.  She said she could tell I’ve lost some weight, which is nice.  At my size it usually takes a bit before it’s noticeable.  But, I have been working — not to lose so much — that’s not a requirement of my WLS, but more to just create the habits that will carry me through.  I’ve been eating purposefully, making healthy choices and walking.  Just walking.  Occasionally some upper body training, but really, just walking.  On my treadmill and outside when the weather is what it has been this week.  And it feels good.  I have lost an inch on my thighs, waist and neck and a 1/2″ on my arms.  Now, that’s since January, but remember, I was laid up with a bum knee post surgery for 7 weeks of that time.  It is amazing to me how the body responds to a little change.

I’ve decided to lay off reading as much in the bariatric social settings on FB.  There are some people who might not have been ready for the commitment they were making before having the surgery and they are suffering and struggling after.  That is not me.  Even if in the end I wind up with some complications, I think that I will be metnally prepared for what is ahead and that will make me an owner of my journey.  Not a victim, and for that I am thankful.  I’m thankful for so much already.  For Dr. Long, his team, my doc, my hubby, and my friends.  I am one lucky girl.

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