Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St Patty

I’m not even Irish.  I do miss Chicago this time of year.  Last week they died the Chicago river green.  I always loved that tradition.  Now I watch it on FB, but it’s nostalgic all the same.  I am not a parade fan, which is the other big tradition back home.  I just don’t understand standing in a line for hours watching people walk by.  It’s just weird to me.  I guess at least I’ll try to wear something green today.  Just because.

The last few weeks have been interesting.  And busy.  Working, rising early to exercise, a zillion appointments for my upcoming surgery.  Kinda crazy.  But in a good way.  I feel productive, like I’m making goals and working towards them.  This year is about health.  It was going to be about my business, and it is to an extent, but the reality is that I really want my health and that takes a concerted effort.  Once that is under control, I will have other goals to reach, but none of them feel authentic when my health isn’t front and center.  So, I give in.  This year is to focus on me.  My weight loss and to my health.  Time keeps moving ahead and I’m certainly not getting younger.  I feel hopeful as I travel on this journey.

Frank and I are also starting an interesting adventure.  We are beginning a house hunt.  We really love Castle Rock, but I think we are up for a new adventure.  We have often talked about leaving the state.  Timing is just not good.  Maybe when we actually retire.  For now it looks like we’ll choose to staying Colorado and vacation on the East coast (clearly not in winter!)   We are starting our journey at Southshore in Aurora this weekend.  Near the resevoir.  Houses are gorgeous there.  And it’s right near the water.  I’m interested to hear what the HOA fees are, though.  Tons of amenities.  I’m excited.  We have a few things to do to our current home before we list it; new carpet upstairs, decluttering for sure, a bit to the backyard, but overall, I think she’s in pretty good shape.  Our model, with a finished basement (which we lack) just listed at $420,000 and went under contract in 4 days.  From the pictures it was nothing to write home about inside.  I figure we could list for $405 and come away looking pretty darned good.  We shall see.  I’m just glad Frank is on board and it’s not just the Shay Train leaving the station for once!

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