Portion Plate…


One thing I’m awful at is portion control.  After class on Friday I came home and looked up plates that helped with this cause and found this.  A little like a child’s plate, but it does the trick.  Protein, vegi, grain (usually).  I am surprisingly full after eating what I put in the 3.  Eggs, fruit, vegi.  We’ll see as I go along.

I’ve been working on staying active the last week, and so far so good.  My knee is holding up, though it’s pretty tender today so I’m going to give it a rest.  I have PT today anyway.  We’ll see what they say about the shape it’s in.  The last thing I want to do is set myself back.

This morning I meet with a dietitian and a shrink, again.  This one is the docs guy.  I think it’ll be interesting.  Different then speaking to my meds shrink.  This one will focus on my relationship with food and that could take a while.

UPDATE:  Back from my meeting with the dietitian and the shrink.  Both appointments went really well.  The dietitian was very comprehensive and relieved some of my stress over what and when to eat pre and post-surgery.  The shrink was nice and very thorough.  She has cleared me for surgery.  Now it’s just really a countdown to my date.  A few more hoops, which I am ever more thankful for, and I will be ready to go head-long into a new, empowered life.

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