It’s been a few days.  Mostly because things are going well.  Eating is well.  Haven’t really fallen off the truck.  I’ve certainly had a taste or two off-Whole30, but again, I’d say I’m 95% on plan so and it’s not perfection it’s progression I’m looking for here.  The knee is coming along.  Much slower than I had hoped, but again, it’s progress all the same.  My PT gal, Heather, massaged and stretched the crap out of it yesterday and it really felt so much better.

Last night I had a group of ladies from my church over for a study on prayer.  I love the book we’re using, “Designed to Pray”.  It is a great tool for where ever you may be in your faith journey and your prayer journey.  The ladies were great.  I didn’t know any of them and by the end of the night I felt a real kinship with most of them.  Everyone was so great about sharing their heart.  I loved the candor.

Tonight I’ll be overnight at a lock-in at the MAC here in town with our high school youth group.  My prayer is that I’ll be able to stay awake all night!  🙂

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