Workout #1 in the books…


Workout #1 and meal #1 in the books.  Happy New Year day!  2016 is in the rearview mirror and 2017 is straight ahead.  This morning I did an upper body (arms & shoulders) workout with weights and then jog/walked for another 30 minutes.  I’m spent.  But I feel good.  Breakfast was protein and fruit/vegi.  I bought these great packets for smoothies at Costco.  They come complete with chopped kale, spinach, berries, etc. I add a little pineapple to it for sweetness since I’m off the sugars.  I even blended it with water, which wasn’t as awful as I anticipated.

Last night was fun.  We celebrated at Mel’s as usual.  A ton of seafood and fun. I had my last soda and I enjoyed it but I didn’t cry over the fact that I was leaving soda behind.  I had a piece of cake and didn’t mourn my letting go of sugar.  I felt satisfied and ready.  Empowered even.  I went home, went to bed, woke up and went to my gym.  I had pre-created a workout playlist on Spotify so I turned it on and went to work.  It’s the way I will start most days going forward.  And it felt right.  I’m not delusional.  I know I’ll hit bumps along the way.  But for today I’ll focus on the success.  So I have somewhere to come to when I start to falter or feel weak.  That’s really the core of why I’m blogging this journey.  So I can see the whole picture, not one bad day or one great day, but the whole as I move along the path.

The rest of the day I will enjoy relaxing.  Read a little, move a little, prepare some great meals.  Watch some movies, probably nap.  I’m taking full advantage of the end of the holidays before life seeps back in!

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