The joys of travel…

After being away from home I caught the crud on the plane back to Charlotte. It’s not Covid, thankfully, but it is a heck of a sinus cold and I feel yucky for sure.

I spent the last week and a half in Denver – first to visit, then to start the new job.

I had the chance to see my bestie — we got a few solid days together which was so good for my heart. It’s been a while and I forget sometimes how tethered we are to one another. We’ve shared so much over these last 20 years. Raised our kids together, went on so many adventures and spent so much time sharing our dreams. It was just good to get some time together.

I saw my son, Jake, and my brother and sister-in-law. It’s really nice when your kids grow up and you discover you like them as much as you love them.

Saw my girls; Alana, Randi and Debby. Always a good time.

And I got to see Ali and talk about all things spiritual.

My cup was literally running over with goodness.

Then, too boot, I started my new job. I haven’t worked somewhere so organized in years. First of all, corporate is really amazing. It’s a tech company, so feels a bit like I imagine Google might. There are conversation pods with couches and chairs, there’s a fitness center that would rival any club I’ve ever paid for. It’s clean and fresh looking. Super modern, but not cold.

The people are engaged, and friendly. Usually my main perk is that I get to continue to work with Crystal — this time that feels like a bonus on top of all the other amazing things. I’m really excited to dig in — and dig in I have.

The benefit of working with someone I already know so well is that I don’t have that awkward period of having to prove myself — the detriment is that I don’t have to prove myself. Crystal knows what my capabilities are and so we jump right into the deep end. And this time was no different. I worked straight through until 6:30p Friday night after my return. No lack of work, that’s for sure. But after having had a month off, my brain was ready to engage for sure.

In addition, this was my birthday weekend, so I came home to the nicest of times. Kenzie and I spent Saturday together shopping and such. Frank and I went to our favorite Vegan eatery on Saturday night. Vegan or not, I highly recommend the Sanctuary in Pineville. Chef Barry knows his way around a kitchen. Gourmet doesn’t even describe the entire experience dining there. And his wife Jennifer who serves is wonderful.

And then Sunday — woke up under the weather and that’s continued to get worse. Ugh.

But before I gave up the ghost, we were able to set up our new bed frame. And it’s GORGEOUS. It is so lovely against the new wallpaper — so serene. It feels like a grown up bedroom for sure.

We got it set up just in time for me to spend the day snuggling in it.

Hopefully I’ll kick the crud quickly and I’ll be back on track; my normal self. I’m thankful for the time I had with friends and family. And am so appreciative of all the birthday love I received from everyone, near and far.

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