Week 3

So far, so good. As I move into my fourth week of plant-based eating, things are going well. I feel better. I have more energy for sure. I have begun to crave greens (yellows, reds, purples and oranges). I don’t miss meat, fortunately. That’s not to say this has been a cinch.

I spent last week in Louisiana, right on the gulf. That was tough.

I felt like I was in the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Thank you, I don’t eat meat. “That’s okay, we have seafood.” I just chuckled. I was prepared for that. And I had fish, twice, once out of necessity (there was literally no other options on the menu other than water and not eating at all, and once out of courtesy. My co-worker was excited to take me to the local gumbo restaurant. I had the shrimp and crab gumbo rather than the chicken/sausage combination. I paid the price with a gassy, upset stomach the rest of the night. How quickly our bodies adapt.

I had some further education this week. I watched a few more documentaries, and rewatched some older ones (Forks Over Knives). I’ve come to the conclusion, at least for now, that I am eating a whole-foods, plant based lifestyle. That is different from being Vegan. Vegans are all-in on an ethical platform. No harm to any sentient being. They refrain from eating anything that once had a face, or a mom, and they do not use products that were made from anything in those categories.

And though in principle, I agree with that stand, especially after my docu-refreshers on the subject of animal cruelty, I have made this switch more for health than for justice (at least for now). I feel better doing my part for sustainability and cruel treatment of animals by refraining from eating meat and meat products, but I also have a favorite Kate Spade bag that I’m not ready to give up. Just being honest.

I have found a podcast that I really like. It’s called ‘How to Vegan‘ and she has some really great casts that deal with all the questions and topics one might have about that lifestyle, but she’s really even keel. Though she is definitely Vegan from the animal protection stance, she’s not outwordly judgy of those of us just trying to do better, eat better, feel better. I appreciate that.

One night for dinner, I found a Mellow Mushroom nearby. I remembered they had vegan options down to the cheese. I made my way there and was seated in the section of a young, bubbly server named Kara. She started by suggesting appetizers (mostly meat-based) and then moved into the popular pizza options, which is when I stopped her and shared that I ate a vegan diet. Her face lit up! “I’m vegetarian!” And the conversation flowed from there.

I asked Kara if it was difficult to maintain her eating living in Louisiana. She said it was, but that she and her friends had figured out where they could go that had decent options. Mellow Mushroom being one, but it gets boring working and dining in the same place all the time. Kara had lots of other pieces of information to offer about the surrounding area as well. She was a delight. It’s so tedious being on business trips eating alone night after night. It was refreshing to have such a nice dining experience. If you’re ever in Lake Charles, LA, stop in and see Kara. You’ll be so glad you did.

Before leaving on my trip, I placed an order for an Almond Cow.

It’s a machine that allows you to make your own non-milk products. Almond, oat, and cashew milk. Even soy milk, if you prefer. Now, you can totally make non-dairy milk in a blender and strain the liquids through cheese cloth, etc. It takes a bit more time and makes a lot more mess. This machine, recommended by my good friend, Rachel, does all the work for you in a shorter amount of time with literally no mess. The pulp is captured at the top in a cup and easily discarded and clean up is a breeze. I’m enjoying our fresh made oat milk in my coffee this morning.

We meal planned for the week ahead. I have some work to do tomorrow after church, and after that I will do some meal prep for the week. I’m excited to try the recipes we selected out of the Fiber Fueled cook book.

On another bright note, I’ve lost 5.6 pounds in three weeks doing nothing special other than changing my diet. I haven’t substantially increased my exercise and I haven’t monitored my calorie intake. Though I am still fighting the good fight to refrain from night snacking. Still my nemesis even when I take chocolate out of the equation.

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