You can’t make a new, old friend.

I don’t know who the first person was to say that, but there is so much truth in those words. I didn’t fully understand the meaning behind these words until I moved.

It was not difficult to leave behind our former home, the security of knowing how to get places without thinking about it or using GPS, the familiarity of the local grocery stores. The only thing that was difficult to leave behind (maybe besides our oldest child who opted to stay in Colorado) was our long-time friends.

This week has been a treat. Our friends, Randi & Wade, are visiting with us here in the Carolinas. Randi and I met at a law firm we both worked at years ago — and we clicked pretty much instantly. Her youngest was about four years old at the time (she just graduated high school last week) and Kenzie was about six. Randi likes to say how expensive our friendship was, because we would leave work everyday to eat lunch out, downtown. Oh, how I miss those days.

One of the things I treasure about our friendship is that it spilled over into our families. That’s not always the case – especially with “work” friends. It’s rare that you cross the work-line into “real life” and introduce your spouses, who then click as well. Our kids got a long right away and our friendship continued to grow. So much so that when I left that law firm back in 2009, our friendship didn’t even experience a hiccup.

When I moved to Air Methods I saw an opportunity to bring Randi in. Working together again, especially in those early days was so much fun. Oh the stories we share.

Having them visit has been such a treat. We’ve laughed, shared stories, and introduced them to our favorite Southern restaurant. No pressure, no pretenses, no having to explain the history behind a comment or story. That’s the fun part of old friends – the shared history. And nothing can replace that investment of time.

My trainer asks me to share a gratitude with her on the daily. My gratitude today is for my treasured friendship with Randi. I am so thankful for the bond we share and for all the life she’s seen me through. The ups and downs and everything in between. For her encouragement, her laughter, and her fantastic hugs.

I hope this weekend is in slow motion — I am definitely not prepared for it to end.

One Reply to “Sisterhood…”

  1. So much wisdom and truth in this message. So thankful you are having an awesome visit.

    Joy and Peace,



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