Simple pleasures…

Yesterday was a good day.

Equal parts family time, project time, and nap time. I do love me some weekend time.

My daughter had her oil changed and tires rotated on Friday and my husband took her to pick up her car towards the end of the day. She drove it home an realized there was a wobble – a roughness to the drive, but the shop was closed by then and it will have to wait until Monday to be balanced. In the meantime she had to work yesterday, so I offered to get up and drive her.

Spending time with my girl on the ride to her job first thing in the morning is a nice way to start the day.

The sun was fresh and still fully rising when we left. I’d already had my coffee and was fully engaged in our conversation. Nothing heavy, just catching up on what’s new in her life.

After dropping her off, I made my way home where Frank and I talked about our weekend plans and caught up on our equally busy weeks. I feel blessed that he and I enjoy each other so much. 28+ years together and he still makes me laugh like no one else. I still look forward to seeing him everyday.

Mid-day we tackled assembling a new bedframe in our guest room. Our friends are coming to visit in June and I wanted the room to be put together for their visit. It was the last piece of furniture our home needed so I broke down and ordered it from Wayfair, which is really just a fancy IKEA based on the assembly instructions. Now that’s a test of a relationship for sure. But, we survived and the room now feels “finished” and ready for visitors to the Brackney Bed & Breakfast.

After that, I snuggled with the animals and took a nice nap. We enjoyed a casual dinner and watched some TV. So different than my usual push and go go go mentality. It’s nice to get a leisurely day once in a while. And I have learned to relish them when they come.

I leave for Houston again tonight. It’s raining cats and dogs down there. I’m not looking forward to that – the weather here has been so lovely lately. Sunny and warm with no real humidity just yet. If only it stayed like this throughout the year…

I’m looking forward to Church this morning – we are deep diving into Ephesians as a church body. Our pastor is doing an amazing job walking us through. I literally can’t get enough — especially since it’s one of my favorite letters from Paul.

2 Replies to “Simple pleasures…”

  1. This is so refreshing to see you able to enjoy a balanced day.
    You have a good relationship with your daughter and Frank.. you are truly Blessed Beyond Measure.
    I am so thankful to see your posts again and to
    Appreciate your natural
    Flow of Writing filled with Grace.
    So thankful that our life paths crossed.

    Joy and Peace,


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    1. The same here, Claudia. i am so happy to hear from you! I hope you are well and that you, too, enjoy the beautiful day that the Lord has granted!
      ~ Shay


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