New Horizons

2020 has certainly been an interesting year, hasn’t it? Aside from Covid, or because of it, or in spite of it. It seems everything centers around this virus.

For all the not-so-good things Covid is, there have been some definite positives I have experienced because of it.

It’s caused me to slow a bit and contemplate things more. It’s caused me to be home with my family and not run around as much. And this is coming from someone who is UBER social — on more than one occasion I’ve had someone comment that if this is not running around so much — how much did I run around pre-Covid? All. The. Time.

Pre-Covid, I literally never stopped. Every free moment was filled with some activity, or with someone or other to partner with in my adventures. Summers were filled with travel and entertaining, pool time and trips to the beach. This year, I traveled once back to Breck for a much needed vacation and did that with a great friend, but not the other 8 people we had planned on sharing that time with. And I made not one trip to the beach.

I have tried to find balance in the pandemic. Not completely shutting my life down, but taking precautions when I have mingled among others or been out and about. Like most things, I have been moderate in my approach. I believe Covid is a real thing — an aggressive virus that some don’t respond well to — but I also believe it is just that — a virus. And when I consider all things, I cannot let a virus literally rule my life.

Leaning towards super social as a personality trait, I can tell you that shutting it down altogether is damaging to my mental health. I’m not being over dramatic here, not stretching the truth. For me, sitting home = depression setting in. And depression does things to me I don’t care to memorialize here. Suffice to say it literally turns me into someone I do not recognize. So in this year of crazy, I have sought balance.

and some really good things have happened.

In 2020 I:

  • published an article in my first legit magazine. I recently made the list again for an online magazine, that will publish in early January 2021;
  • created a space for my creative endeavors transforming my dining room into a bit of an oasis;
  • spent a lot more time with family — game nights, movie nights, date nights have multiplied and I’ve really enjoyed that;
  • I planted a garden which I enjoyed from spring to fall;
  • had a wonderful visit from my cousin, my friend Matt and his partner, and my son (over Christmas);
  • I began life coaching classes, completed the course and was certified this past November, and made a really good friend with a classmate through the process;
  • Spent an incredibly active week in the mountains with Brooke – so good for my mind, body and spirit!
  • we brought a kitten into the family, Casper is technically my daughter’s cat, but we’re all sweet on him;
  • ventured back to Denver with my husband, his first time since we moved. It was good for him to see the changes and connect with people he loves and misses;
  • bought a rower — which is a heck of a piece of exercise equipment;
  • Marked year two CANCER FREE!!
  • my growth group adopted my sister’s group home for Christmas and together we made a group of very special people light up for the holiday — a kindness I will never forget…
  • and last but not least, I have accepted a new job offer…

that last one is a biggie.

I have been with the same company for nearly nine years. I have learned a lot of things since I started that job. Back in 2012 when the general counsel asked me to join her there, I was a litigation paralegal. I have 20 some years of litigation experience. Crystal asked me to join her at a public company as a corporate paralegal. I had no idea what that would entail, but I hit the ground running and never looked back.

Those first few years were dynamic and, in many ways, mind blowing. I picked up new skills at a rapid pace and felt like I was in full on learning mode. I felt like my brain was literally expanding by the day.

In the beginning it was just Crystal and I — and then we began to grow the team, adding lawyers and others until we were a legitimate department.

In 2017 we went from a public company to private and I slid from corporate law to healthcare — again expanding my knowledge along the way. Today I manage the healthcare side of things with a wonderful friend and talented attorney who I adore. But the train has slowed way down.

Not the volume, but the learning. Though different situations arise that stretch my skills and knowledge from day-to-day, I have felt stagnant and bored the last few years. And bored is not a good place for me to be.

In the meantime, Crystal moved to another public company, this time with an international presence — and a few weeks ago we got to talking about what might be possible for me at her new company and last week I made the decision to move on and over to a new horizon.

Giving notice at my current company was not an easy thing to do when it came down to it. I have worked for years with our current GC and really, with the whole team. I so enjoy each of them and they enjoy and respect me. I don’t take that lightly. And even as difficult as it was to come to the decision, when push came to shove I knew I have made the right one, for me, for now.

I am excited about the new opportunity! For the first time in a long time, I feel a lightness in my spirit. I am a flutter with anticipation. I am even a bit nervous at the adventure ahead. Can this old dog learn new tricks? We’re about to find out.

All in all, I don’t hate 2020. Some really good things have come out of a bizarrely different year. Do I hope for different in 2021 — in some ways yes — but what I truly hope for is to remember to keep the important things in the forefront and let go of the things that no longer serve me.

My word for 2021 is Stewardship.

I have been given many wonderful things, and opportunities and I want to be a good steward over those opportunities; my family time, my friendships, my finances, my health, my writing, and my professional endeavors. All of it.

I look forward to the new year, for good or bad, I am ready to experience all it has to offer.

One Reply to “New Horizons”

  1. Thanks for sharing. You are so amazing and inspire me
    To try harder to make the best of current circimstances.

    Joy and Peace,



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