Writing copy is hard…

It’s no secret. I love to write. I feel blessed because when I write, I rarely experience “writer’s block”. I sit, and generally speaking, the words flow.

Over the last week, I have started work on my new website. I am in the midst of my Christian life coaching certification and have decided to dive head-long into learning the mechanics of designing a site.

I found a great online course to accomplish this goal. It’s hosted by Marvo Creative. Donna Mavromates is a web designer who also teaches web creation. More importantly she teaches business principles that are important before the first code is every written.

Her course takes you through a series of units and modules that ask a lot of detailed questions. “What are your one, three and five year goals for your business?” “Who is your ideal customer.” And she’s not looking for quick one or two sentence answers. My ideal client took 2 1/2 pages, handwritten, to thoroughly describe. It’s been a lot of work, going through the course, but I feel so much more in touch with what I want my business to look like because of it. But now I’ve come to the really difficult task – writing copy for all the pages on my website.

I started with the Home page. It took a few hours, but I finally came up with something I really liked. I felt accomplished. I might have even glowed a little when I printed what I wrote and shared it with my husband. Then came the most difficult page.

“About me.”

I must have stared at that blinking cursor for a good 30 minutes before I just finally broke down and started writing. I had to tell myself it didn’t matter what I said as long as I wrote something just to get started.

Generally for a business website the “About me” section spells out a persons credentials and why you would want to buy the service or product they offer. Sort of like a car commercial – there’s thousands of cars to buy, why would you want to buy a Jeep over a Nissan? Only, I have no “recognized” credentials.

Of course at the end of my course I will be ICF certified as a life coach. But that will be it. Though I attended college here and there, I never obtained my degree. That sent me down a small rabbit whole of “impostor syndrome” this morning. Where you spend time telling yourself you don’t belong. What do you have to offer anyone on a particular subject. Who would listen to me anyway.

And then I remembered I have attended “school”. I’ve even received some certifications along the way — from life.

I have learned first-hand how to navigate life’s transitions; I’ve experienced the loss of loved ones (including both parents before I turned 30), moving across country (three times), a faith crisis followed by a major faith transition, losing over 100 pounds, and surviving breast cancer.

And it’s not simply that I’ve experienced these things, but that I went through them and emerged as a stronger, more refined and empowered person. And I want to help others do the same thing with their challenges and transitions.

I love the analogy of the potter’s fire. That in God’s hands, in the refiner’s fire, we are made different, stronger, better versions of what we were when we went in.

I’m happy with what I have written. I may still tweak it a bit here and there, but for the most part the “About me” page is done. I’m excited to see it all come together and for this next chapter of my life to begin. Soon. Very very soon.

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