My Valentine…

I don’t take enough time to brag on the man in my life. But really, I need to.

I woke this morning, early as always, made my coffee and in my half-awake stuper, made my way to my writing desk. It took me a moment to compute the lovely flowers, fun candies, card, and small box that was sitting on the corner of my writing desk. But once I did a smile broke across my face. I often tell people I don’t love surprsies, but truth be told, I really, really do. Especially sweet, thoughtful surprises from Frank.

We’ve never been big V-day celebraters. Cards here and there, sometimes a special dinner, usually at home to avoid the ridiculous crowds and waits at restaurants. But this year, Frank surprsied me throughly.

Frank is an encourager. I’m pausing for a moment to see if I can come up with a stronger version of that word. There isn’t any adventure I’ve gone on in our 27 years together where he hasn’t cheered me on. No matter where my interests have taken me, he’s been right there to pivot and support what ever my heart yearns to do. But the one constant has been his support of my love and passion for writing. He has been telling me to pursue writing, in every form, for as long as I’ve known him.

Over the years he’s brought it up again and again. “You should write a book.” A book? “What do I have to say that would fill a book?” is my general reply — or something along those lines. But he never stops encouraging me in that direction.

When I decided my word was intentional this year, and being intentional with my writing was on the top of the list, I committed to waking early and spending time in practice, honing my skills. If you want to become better at something, it requires effort and practice. He didn’t bat an eye – and doesn’t even grimmace as the alarm sounds morning after morning.

So, what was under the note in the small, white box?

on top of the box was a note: “To my amazing author” and inside? A custom made writer’s charm bracelet. It has books, notepads, a quill pen, a laptop and of course a coffee mug on it. And one charm that reads “IMAGINE”. That one stopped me for a moment and brought tears to my eyes. This man gets me.

I don’t care how long you are with someone before you marry, you never really know what you’re getting in the long term. People change, they find different interests, grow apart sometimes. But I truly feel like I hit the jackpot.

When my mother met Frank the first time, it was over lunch at a restaurant. We spent maybe a little better than an hour together with my folks. When we were walking out, she pulled me close to her and said, “Don’t make this one break up with you.”

I remember being offended (let’s set the record straight…I am the breaker-upper, not the breaker-uppie), but then something inside smiled. My mom was the BEST sensor of people. She could read people very quickly and was generally spot on. She liked Frank from the word go. Over the few years she would have to know him, they developed an amazing relationship. My husband was there when she died, wiping the last tear from her eye. Frank is not just good people, he’s the BEST people.

And I am blessed to have him as my friend, my supporter, my husband.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Pancho. I love you more than tongue can tell.

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