Weekend renovations…

I shared last week about the coversion of dreams — specifically the conversion I had in the way I saw and always thought about my dining room. Having converted that space into my writing room and working in it all week, I began to envision what I wanted the space to look like. I want it to be a place where I feel completely at peace. A space where I see beauty and light and feel inspired even on days where I stare endlessly at a blank page because I just can’t come up with the words to begin the work.

The space was already started. The paint is a lovely deep coastal green/gray called Geiser Steam (SW). The trim is crisp white and the curtains are a wonderful fabric with lots of texture and a soothing pattern. But the writing spacce itself left a little to be desired. The table was a little beat up…and dark which doesn’t speak lightness to me. I had no place to organize my reference materials or papers and the last thing I want is for my desk to become a storage area. Nothing kills my creativity like clutter.

This weekend I blocked time to transform the space into my vision. I wanted a white desk, a small bookshelf, a dry-erase calendar and a space to store misc papers. Sunday after church was the time I set aside to work on it. As soon as we walked through the door after service I had lunch and began the work of sanding the table. Goodness how I forgot my distaste for sanding. Ugh.

I ordered a small driftwood styled two-tiered bookshelf the other day from Wayfair (love that retailer) and it arrived on Friday. I assembled it immediately so really my focus was on finishing the desk. It took three coats with ample drying time in between but I was able to call it finished around 10p last night.

Once I finished painting the desk, off to Home Depot I ran for an acrylic topper for it. The only way I was going to keep the paint fresh and undamaged was to protect it. From there I ran to HomeGoods and picked up a few office organziation helpers.

Finally, I was able to put all the pieces in their intended spaces and in the end, I have the space that existed in my head. A lovely, light, non-cluttered creative space I can’t wait to wake to each morning.

I have a writing chair on order, but that’s about all that’s missing from the space. As I sit here writing this morning, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am thankful for my husband who understands my passions and personality and supports my crazy endeavors — especially my writing. For this home we have built together that offers a space to do this. For my dad who blessed me with the skills to renovate and make the old new again. And for the space itself. It will not be wasted.

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