I feel so “mother Earth”…

Over the last year or so I’ve tried to be more aware of what I’m putting in to our environment at home — I’m not great about it, but I’m trying. Today, I feel so “earthy”, I actually made from scratch laundry soap. No joke.

I am a subscriber to all things Joanna Gaines including her quarterly magazine Magnolia Journal. A few issues back, perhaps last spring, she included a simple recipe for making this magically, clean smelling, softness producing wonder. The first time I made it I did not have a food processor, not an electric one anyway and trying to chop the bar of castille soap by hand was a fail. I wound up with small chunks. But this time, I was equipped. I have recently purchased a food processor and used it to shave the bars of soap into fine dust and then combine it with the other ingredients — Washing Soda, Oxy Brite and Kosher salt. That’s it. Four simple ingredients. A few spins in the blender and voila – laundry soap for weeks.

I like making things like that. It reminds me to slow down for a moment, take a breath, life is so fast-paced. I don’t know why it prompts me this way, but it does, and I like it. Sometimes I just need to take a moment — away from my computer, my job, my busy life and enjoy a process of creating something. Today it was laundry soap — last week it was sugar scrubs. I’ve enjoyed both — I need to remember to feed my creative side along with my analytical side — to keep them in some sort of balance. I feel better when I do. Food for thought.

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