Girl’s trip…

This past weekend two of my friends and I were supposed to travel to Kernersville, NC to attend the “Come to the Table” tour hosted by Angie Smith, Annie Downs and the lady from “Against the Grain.” Unfortunately, Angie Smith’s dad was diagnosed with a rare, terminal cancer and they cancelled the tour so she could be where she needed to be, by his side.

With the trip cancelled that left us with a decision. Do we bag our time away or make new plans. Great minds think alike and we decided to change gears and rather than heading east, we headed west to Greenville for a two-day adventure.

I met Beth, and subsequently her cousin, Emily, through a bible study at our church. They were new to New River and I was teaching and Beth and I just clicked. Beth is a kind person. Gentle even. She’s smart, funny, has a great smile and laugh and is about the most genuine person I’ve met in a while and the same can be said for Emily. I really enjoy these ladies. I’m so glad we didn’t bail on our time together.

Kenzie, now being a young adult at 19, joined us as well. It was such a great time away. The drive is short, about what it used to take from Castle Rock to Breckenridge. And it’s such a cute town. A main street filled with cute shops (including one fantastic candle store I will be back to visit again) and lots of eateries along the way. But the most fantastic attraction is Reedy River park — it’s a small river bed cutting through downtown that is draped with flowers and trees and rushing water to a small waterfall. It reminded me of Idaho Falls that I visited years ago, but greener for sure.

We arrived and had lunch in this nice little pizza place called “Toss Pizza”. Yum. Then we walked around downtown for the rest of the day. So much fun. We hit the hotel late in the day and unwound a bit, sitting down by the amazing fire pit.

After a while we decided it was time for dinner and so we checked out “Nose Dive” – upscale bar food — it was right on Main street. I think that’s the other thing I enjoyed so much — everything was completely walkable.

After dinner we walked a bit more and then retired to the room. I have been feeling under the weather with all the allergies, etc., so I was pretty fried by that time. We watched some TV, chatted, and then turned in.

Next morning we got ready to go and ventured out to a restaurant Emily wanted to try, “Biscuit Head” — literally biscuits as big as a cat’s head! Delicious. My first try of biscuits and gravy. Heavy, but tasty for sure. Kenzie had french toast biscuits — something I would have never imagined, but she said it was amazing.

The ride home was quick, as it always is. We had such a great time and I’m so glad we went and I got to spend some extra time with these cherished friends. I look forward to our next adventure! Let’s make it soon!

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