I have been on blog hiatus for a bit. Not because life doesn’t continue to march on, but because I’m in the midst of a writing course and I have set aside time to focus on it. I am loving working through it so far.

It’s a self-paced, video and study-driven course. It’s a christian writing course and I chose that specifically because I am in the midst of writing my “God story”. Not only the one He has placed on my heart, but the story of how he provide for me and delivered me through one of the most difficult times in my life. During a crisis of faith.

I was excited the first day I opened the study. I was ready to write; my story rushing around in my mind. But that’s not where we started. We started in a bible study — more like — how to study the bible. I’ll admit, I was annoyed. I’ve been reading and studying the scriptures for 25 years now. I think I got it. But I didn’t. Once I set my pride aside the flood gates literally swung open.

I’m in phase 3 of the study now. Preparation. Finding scriptures to support the story I am hoping to tell. I spent my morning, several mornings, combing the scriptures for the verses that truly tell my story. And through them I have found my focus.

I am so thankful I set my pride aside and gave myself over to this study. And that God put the study in my lap. Literally. I feel so much more prepared to write — and not to tell my story — but to connect with others that might relate through it. My goal is to teach others about the great gift of Grace God has provided us through the Son, through the Word. And through that Grace, we have hope. By sharing my story with others, I am confident in the knowledge that it wasn’t all for nothing — that it wasn’t just a painful chapter in my life — it will be for the good of others who find themselves similarly situated but haven’t seen the light in their own story yet. I am thankful for others who went before me and guided my journey through their experiences. And I am thankful for the ability to pay it forward through my own shared story.

One Reply to “Preparation…”

  1. Very inspiring stuff and I think it’s absolutely great you have let gods will be done for your life. It can be difficult but you have chosen to help others while also letting the spirit lead you and I say great job lady! That’s why your a wonderful woman and a great witness!


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