New Year and back at it…

Over the last few months my focus has been on conquering cancer and restoring my health. In doing the things I needed to do (surgery, treatment, and lots of rest) I’ve slid a little downhill on the eating and exercise front. I’ve gained about six pounds since October and I’m definitely more jiggly than I was just two months ago, but no worries, I get to start fresh and rebuild from here. Seriously, if cancer has brought me anything, it has brought me perspective.

I’ve said it before, many times in fact over the past few months. I’m forever grateful I get my body and health in check. I am also glad I listen when God taps me on the shoulder and announces a big change ahead. Had I not listened when prompted, I could have been fighting cancer at 300 + pounds and not been health enough to heal as quickly, or as well, as I have.

So I gained six pounds. In the scheme of things that’s a few weeks of balanced eating and exercise. Drinking water and getting a good amount of rest. I started back today and so far so good. I’m back to following the Transform App from Chris and Heidi Powell since I feel like that is a strong overall program incorporating carb cycling (which feels like a manageable, simple way to eat), strength training and HIIT cardio. Their app lets you pick meals to build a weekly menu and now that I have become familiar with the benefits of carb cycling I really enjoy eating that way.

I will say one thing, though, boredom is not my friend. Recouping left me a lot of couch time post-surgery. And that led to flat out boredom. I took the last two weeks off of work, and though my family came for the holiday, the week before they arrived I found myself slipping into old habits for sure. Grazing in the kitchen when I was bored, grabbing anything sugary or sweet, and eating at night. Old habits that I thought I had put to bed over the past year and a half, but nope — at first chance they reared their ugly heads. Good lesson learned from that, I guess. I will have to stay engaged, active and on top of my behaviors for the rest of my life. Or as long as I want to sustain the healthy lifestyle I’ve created, at least! Coasting will not do the trick.

I’m excited to see what the New Year has in store. I’m sad at all the Face Book posts that reference how terrible 2018 was and how glad people are to see it go. Even with all the things I went through end of last year, I feel like it was a great year chocked full of blessings. I’m happy to be moving on from cancer, but otherwise, I learned a lot, grew a lot, and had such a great 2018. I only hope 2019 is as good to me and my family!

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