Finish line…

Four more days. Four more treatments.

Tomorrow starts the more intensive radiation — where they direct the beams right at the area where I had my lumpectomy. They say the dose isn’t any different, just that they won’t be moving the machine around, they will focus on the area where the cancer sat.

My last treatment is scheduled for Christmas Eve, but Dr. Doline said that occasionally they have to treat someone on a Saturday and if that’s the case, they’ll call me on Friday to invite me to join in so I won’t have to make the trip on the holiday. Fingers and toes are crossed. The sooner I can put this all behind me, the better.

Overall, I have felt and been immensly blessed. Through family, through friends, through God. I don’t take for granted one bit that this could have been so much worse, that things could have gone differently. I am thankful that I only had a “touch” of cancer and a great medical team who was able to eradicate it quickly.

I had an interesting experience the other day, unrelated to cancer. I was asked by my church to record my testimony. They’ll be playing it during Christmas services. That was a bit of a surreal experience. I have no problem sharing what God has done in my life, but to be recorded and know that it will be shared with all who gather this weekend, I felt fully humbled.

Our pastor spoke this past Sunday about God’s role in our lives. How we often like to see Him as a “Protector” when really, though through His grace we are afforded protection, He is our Deliverer. He carries us through our trials, and it’s especially powerful when we connect to Him and invite Him in to do so.

Having to rehash my past, my struggles, my naivete gave me a chance to see the growth, the grace, the strengthening of faith I have experienced in the last years. I am thankful for the opportunity to revist those things — it renewed my focus and brought me to a prayerful place in my car as I was leaving the church. I don’t know if my story will touch anyone, help anyone, but it helped me just by sharing my testimony out loud. God is good. He is good in all things.

2 Replies to “Finish line…”

  1. You have been blessed and protected. This week
    You may feel more tired.
    We are celebrating and praising the Lord.
    I am so glad your testimony will be presented atChristmas
    Eve services.
    Lives will be changed.
    Will be so happy to have you back with us on Fridays.
    Your posts have encouraged me and look forward to each one.
    Merry Christmas.
    Joy and Peace,


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