Dream come true…

When I bought my first Harley back in 2014, it was to dip my toes back in the water of riding.  I rode a lot when I was younger but did the responsible thing as Frank and I started our journey together — we were having our kiddos and buying our first house — not a lot of spare change in those days to fuel the habit I had.

When I bought Betty, I knew it would not be a forever relationship.  She did what I asked her to do.  She gave me my confidence to ride back.  She was a good ol’ girl.  I feel especially lucky to have sold her to a good home…Mary Lee is her new owner and is new to cycling.  Betty will serve her well, and I gained a new friend out of it.  Mary Lee is down to earth, with a lot of fire in her — sound familiar?  It’s been fun to watch her as she learns to ride.

As for me, I always had my eyes set on a bigger bike.  One I could tour around long distances with.  I’ve always been partial to the Harley softail line, first thinking I wanted a Fat Boy, which is a great bike…but it doesn’t come dressed.  So that got me looking at the Heritage Classic.  Similar to the FB, but dressed with bags and a windshield.  Then there was the day I saw a Heritage in teal and white — I was sold.  I made that my screen saver at work and tucked the thought away for a future purchase.

About a year or so ago, my friend Jocelyn, who I met through my Harley group of friends, made a purchase of a bike — happened to be the Heritage Softail Classic – in blue and white.  As excited for her as I was, my heart hurt a little.  Just a tiny bit of jealously seeped in!

Fast forward to a few months ago when I got a call from Joc.  She and Neal were putting their riding days behind them.  They were on to other adventures.  Would I be interested in buying Elsa.


Why, yes I would!  I literally got off the phone and just sat for a while.  I couldn’t move.  I was stunned, and excited, and just so so happy.

We put Elsa on a transport truck a few weeks ago and she arrived in one beautiful, unscathed piece yesterday — she glistened in the sun as they took her lovely, pearlized body off the truck.  She’s such a beaut.


After her inspection and signing her free, I hopped on.  She started right up and oh how she purred.  Riding her home felt like I was hanging out with an old friend.  She fit like a glove.  She takes turns like a champ and runs smooth as silk.  I could not be happier.  I could not be more blessed.  Welcome home, Elsa…welcome home.

4 Replies to “Dream come true…”

  1. Beautiful.. hope u are able to ride on this glorious day.
    Love the way you describe feelings.
    My thrill was riding of bow of speed boat or driving with sun roof and all windows open and singing Christian songs at top of
    My voice… a senior thrill seeker.
    The timing of the beautiful bike is just amazing.
    Could not figure how to reply above line so hope u get this.
    Joy and Peace,


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  2. Claudia…just letting you know I did indeed get your message, and enjoyed reading it very much! I picture you in a convertible singing with all your might and I love it! I feel so blessed to have Elsa, especially right now when I can use the distraction!


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