Holiday Spirit…

Kenzie and I are so excited to finally be into October.  This month is the gateway to our favorite holidays!  First Halloween.  When we went to move and we were pairing down, Frank paired down our Halloween decor.  Not that we had a lot, and not that what we had was “good”.  Some of it was still from the 1970’s — my parents collection — and it was cheesy then! LOL

For this first Halloween in Clover we bought a couple of full-sized posable skelatons, some pumpkin garnden lights, a few nets of light-up spider webs and last night we set about to make a holiday wreath.

Kenzie LOVES the Nightmere Before Christmas, and especially Jack Skellington.  I found this gal through the FB marketplace who was making wreaths and one of them featured Jack.  I let her know I was interested — we exchanged a few nice DMs and then she promptly disappeared.  I went on Etsy, where there were several of the same, but they were all super pricey, but I was determined.  Finally, I headed over to Amazon, bought a Jack doll and last night we ventured to Michaels to buy a ton of ribbon — and by a ton, I mean a TON…and still, it was not enough.  We made it about 3/4 the way around the wreath form before running out, but what we have done, what we are seeing, is  just shy of magical.  It’s really going to be awesome when it’s finished.  And one-of-a-kind.  A project shared between she and I.  We’re having so much fun.

Next on the calendar is Thanksgiving.  This holiday has become a tiny bit sad for me.  Our tradition has always been to share this day with my bestie and her family.  Once Mel moved in to the “big” house, we celebrated over there.  I’m sad to be so far away.  It just seems silly to go through all the work for just the three of us.  I’m hoping to be up to having the cousins here over to celebrate the day this year.  Making that our new tradition.

Christmas.  Oh how I love Christmas.  For so many reasons.  On the secular side, I have always longed to have Christmas dishes.  For once I finally broke down and ordered some.  I had two gift certs to Pottery Barn and I knew exactly how I would use them.  May I introduce you to their Denver Plaid Christmas dish collection?

Xmas Plates

What is not to love?  I only bought the plates and bowls.  I have salad plates and charges to work with this.  But oh, I’m so dang excited to serve meals on these lovelies.  Did I mention how much I love entertaining?  And this year we will have my son, sister and brother-in-law joining us for the holiday.  Cannot wait.

I am so thankful to have so many great moments to look forward to this year.  I feel like time has so slipped away with the kiddos getting all grown up…I’m happy to freeze it a little during the holidays.

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