Little red number…

Been MIA while I was out in Denver working for a week — had to be one of the busiest weeks of work I’ve had in a long, long time.  So much going on and the attorney I most closely work with is out on maternity.  Ack.  That’s okay…I’m happy for her and I want her to enjoy every single moment.

Denver is always good for my waistline.  I eat out a heck of a lot more, but I tend to go with friends so I’m constantly talking and therefore I eat less, and I’m at work so I’m not accessible to the pantry and fridge like I am working at home.  I’m working on modifying those behaviors now as well.

I came home -3 pounds lighter than I left.  Not too shabby.  And that’s with a final meal at Pappadeaux’s.  Seafood, but still.

Kenzie’s bestie is coming to town this week, tomorrow actually, which is great.  Both girls left the brick and mortar school for an online approach and it was one of the best things either of them ever did, hands-down.  However, even with great decisions comes consequences.  The consequence in this case is missing out on traditions and rights-of-passage, such as senior prom.  Had Kenzie still lived in Castle Rock, she probably would have joined a group and gone to her former high school’s event, but moving here, she lost those connections and certainly doesn’t know anyone at Connections SC so she wasn’t going to attend their prom.  Demi was sort of in the same boat, except she also graduated early (January).  So, the girls asked if we could do one night out at a special restaurant where they got all dressed up and fancy and we went to form a memory and celebrate graduation and the like.

I thought that was a great idea.  Last night, Kenzie and I went to find her a dress for the occasion.  Kenzie is curvy and short.  A difficult combination at 18 when you’re trying to find clothing that is age appropriate (insert “cute”) and to top it off (pardon the pun) you’re heavy chested.  Ugh.  She always feels so discouraged.

We started off at Lane Bryant b/c they had a cute swim suit top she was interested in.  Our first success of the night.  B/C they do their swimsuits by cup size she was able to find an exact fit and it looked adorable on her.  Next stop, Maurices.

Amazingly enough, we found 5-6 dresses she was interested in trying on.  She never has that much selection.  There was one though, a stunner.  Floral, light, creamy yellow, chiffon-y, shorter in front, longer in back.  She thought for sure it would be too long.  That’s always a problem.  She put it on, and it.was.stunning.  I mean, just gorgeous.  It fit her like it was custom made and it just looked amazing.  We went to buy it and low and behold, it was on sale — it started at $40, which I thought was a great price to begin with; now it was $19.99 — and I had an additional 10% off.  So, amazing, great dress, cheap price, happy girl!

While at Lane Bryant, a dress nearly leapt off the rack at me.  It was a hot little red number.  I thought, “no way is that going to fit me.”  Until I put it on.  It fit like a glove.  It’s just classy and gorgeous.

Red1Red 2

That, unfortunately, was not on sale, but I just didn’t care…found the shoes on sale and had a $15 coupon to boot.  So, all in all, it was a GREAT night for the Brackney girls!

My sister is visiting this week from Chicago as well.  We have so many fun things planned.  I cannot wait!  More to come…for sure…

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