The day after…

long arms

So I made it through my first Pilates session.  Anastasia was my one-on-one coach and she was ah-MAZING!  She was patient but pushed me to use the muscles that have laid dormant for I don’t know how many years.  This morning, I am still proud of my workout but I feel like my arms are longer and dragging behind me.  My obliques are screaming and to tops of my thighs are still feeling the burn.  So good workout?  I would say so. I signed up for eight more sessions over the next few weeks.  I figure if I incorporate two sessions a week that’s at least a month to figure out if I am Pilates material!

In other news, my son arrived from Denver yesterday – it is SO good to see him.  And I think he’s pretty psyched to see us.  He’s recovering from a cold so hopefully he doesn’t share it, but either way, I’m glad he made the trip.

My sister, Cathy, on the other hand is sick-sick.  She came down with a horrible chest cold that I think has crept into an infection at this point.  She cannot come to see us this holiday.  Which, is devastating.  For those who may not know, Cathy is mentally challenged, emotionally at about 8-12 years old.  And she doesn’t roll with the punches.  Change does not come easily for Cathy.  Missing a holiday with us, one she literally waits all year for, is not a great thing.

I talked to her yesterday — though she has literally no voice — and I promised her she would use the ticket to come in April.  By then we’ll be settled in the house and she will have the guest room to call her own.  And it will be warmer so we’ll be able to do more things together when she visits.  It still doesn’t make up for Christmas apart.  I did manage to send off all her gifts yesterday overnight, so she’ll have that to open on Christmas.  I hope she recovers quickly and I am thankful for the staff at her home who genuinely care for her and love her so much.

Today we are having family pictures taken in Rock Hill.  After that we’ll come home, change, eat, and head out to the lights at the botanic gardens.  I’m pretty excited it’s not freezing out today.  It’s supposed to hit 63 for a high and a low of 55.  I can handle that.  The rain is also supposed to stay at bay.  All good news.

Tomorrow is low-key.  We’ll probably take Jake to see the house and then Sunday we’ll go to church and I’ll make a nice ham dinner.  We’ll open our PJs and then hit the hay to ring in Christmas.  Christmas day we’ll open our gift and enjoy a homemade breakfast of crepes and eggs and then we’ll just enjoy the day together.  I am so happy to be together this year.  We have a cruise scheduled for next fall so I know Jake will probably not have enough time to spend Christmas with us as well, so I will treasure every moment of this year.  Being apart is the hardest part of the move.  I miss my boy, but I’m proud of the young man he’s become.

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  1. Congrats on the Pilates workout it sounds like you get your money’s worth and then some with those workouts! It sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic holiday for you all and it’s well deserved! Happy Holidays to you and your family and keep on keeping on your doing a great job over there!

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