Auto tune…


A new strange adventure in adapting…i feel like I’m living my life in auto-tune.  I get a sense of my voice — my body — but it’s not really accurate.  This morning, which is a Sunday — a day I don’t usually weigh myself (I save that for Monday mornings) — I decided to hop on the scale.  I haven’t put in as many steps this week – it was busy and I was just dang tired most days.  I was sure I was going to be up 3 pounds.  Instead, I was down 4.  Another 4 pounds.  That’s like 33 pounds lost in 4 weeks.  I simply cannot wrap my brain around it yet.  I can tell my clothes fit better, but I’m not yet in the next size down.  I’ve lost inches for sure — 1.5″ on my thighs alone.  But where I used to be so in touch with my body I could tell if I was up or down on the scale, I can’t seem to do that now.  And it’s just weird.

Today I am meeting my friend, Patti, for a walk and breakfast.  I can’t wait.  Patti is one of the most positive, energetic woman I know.  Seriously — being around her lights my fire as well.  I need more Patti in my life.  We’re meeting at the MAC, though I don’t trust my knees yet to do the incline — goodness knows I don’t need surgery again.  But I figure we’ll put in a good 5,000 steps or so before we’re done.  And that will be a good start to my day.

Packing is coming along.  I have most of my decor items packed.  That’s a good thing.  A few more and we’ll be down to the kitchen and clothing.  Geez, it’s going really fast.  I am both excited, sad and nervous for the new adventure.  Less than a month till I’m in SC.  Never thought this day would come.

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