day 4

Here I am already – day 4 post-op. Things seem to be going along smoothly.  Though this morning some of my wounds are tender.  The doc put a muscle block in each incision so that the first 48 hours wouldn’t be so uncomfortable.  And that seemed to work, I’ve been able to take a walk every day since day 1 without much pain, but today, there is a tiny bit of discomfort.

Probably the most difficult thing post-surgery is sticking with my liquids routine.  Getting enough balance between protein dense foods and liquids in general.  I need 40 oz of liquid a day right now and about 60 grams of protein.  There’s no way I’m getting my 60 gms of protein just yet.  I’m sure that will get a little better in the next stage — the puree stage.  Which might not sound appealing to some, but I am marking the days on my calendar.  For now, it’s still protein drinks and bone-based broths.

I am happy to be on this side of things.  I was so nervous there at the end of the journey to surgery.  It’s such a big decision, literally removing organs to regain health, but I’m so happy I didn’t bail.  I already feel more empowered, healthier, driven, on track than I had.  And I am so thankful for my husband who has been such a great cheerleader and support.  Through his nerves he understood my goal and he’s been great.  We’ve been under the gun to get the house to market to sell since we’re ready to head out to South Carolina as soon as possible, and that’s rested a lot on him.  I just didn’t have a lot of umph last week and this week I am pretty severely restricted with what I can do overall.  He’s been a trooper.  I don’t think the house could show better, and I’ve been able to rest as needed.

Fingers crossed the house sells quick.  I don’t want to live in a perpetual museum.

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