Sleep study…


The only thing standing between me and submitting to my insurance is a sleep study at this point.  Which, I have to say, is a little frustrating.  Not because I need to do one — I’m guaranteed to be a sufferer of apnea, it’s because my doctor ordered this back in May as an in-house sleep study at a clinic, which my insurance denied, and the doctor’s office pretty much ignored it.  So, after my 3rd class I reached out to see what’s next and they informed me they wouldn’t do anything until I completed my sleep study.  Well now, that’s not in my immediate control — that’s on you guys.  After pushing back, I miraculously received a call from the sleep clinic (talking within the hour) and I am not set up to do an at-home study next week.  THEN we will be able to submit my case to insurance and see what’s what.  I only pray I haven’t come this far to go no where.  My fingers and toes are crossed for an easy acceptance process and a date that falls early enough in the month of June that my July isn’t completely hosed.

I’ve gone through the gambit of emotion these last few months.  From excitement to fear to thinking I’m plain crazy.  That’s why I’m so glad I have started this blog.  I sat down and re-read it the other day, from it’s inception.  And by doing that I solidified my reasoning behind seeking this route in the first place.  I take the surgery for what it is, a tool, albeit dramatic, but a tool in pursuit of a healthier life and lifestyle.  And I am ready for the next phase to begin.

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