Full heart…


Wow.  Just Wow.  I took a deep breath yesterday and shared some pretty personal stuff.  I’ve always been one to live out loud, but there are some things that are so personal they cause me to pause.  An entry about surgery that is so…well…very personal was one of those moments.  I guess I just didn’t want to get to the end result and have others who struggle like I do wonder how or what I did to make my changes but be afraid to ask.  I think we all have struggles and one way or another if you’re in my friend sphere we’re all in this together — whatever THIS may be.

I have to say my heart is overflowing with all the love and support I’ve received.  FB posts, posts here, texts, emails, calls.  I don’t know what I expected, but it definitely wasn’t that.  I even anticipated a few nay-sayers.  I am so thankful for those that are in my life.  Seriously.

Yesterday I spent a good portion of time on the phone making important appointments.  Weight loss classes, body composition testing, dietitian and psychological intake meetings, a “binder” class (I received a huge binder after meeting with the doc.  It’s a lot of material so they actually have a class you go through to understand all that’s expected and required).  The only thing I have left to schedule is a sleep study.  I think I do that through my regular doc, who I see on Friday.  In addition I have to see an independent counselor for clearance of my bipolar — WL surgery can lead to depression.  I’m well managed on my meds and have been since 2009, but still, my WL doc wants to cover all basis for the insurance, and for me personally.  So that’s scheduled as well.  Gonna be a busy few months as I move forward, but I felt really empowered today.  And empowered feels good.  Really good.

Thank you everyone who reached out, and to those of you who simply thought kind thoughts yesterday.  I appreciate having you in my corner.  It takes a village, even when you grow up! 🙂  I am blessed.

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