So that little knee issue…

quadTurns out, my knee is a little worse than I thought.  And not from the walk at the MAC the other day, though that didn’t help.  The day before I used a great running app to start to build stamina.  Now, it was walk 2 minutes, run 1 minute for about 25 minutes total (with a 5 minute warm up and cool down), but apparently my knees weren’t ready.  They say that each foot strike = 4x’s your body weight.  That would be close to 1200 pounds on each foot/knee every time my foot hit the treadmill.  I can see where that might irritate my knees.  There’s that athlete buried deep within dying to come out.  And running out the gate is me taking an “easy” approach to reintroducing exercise {sigh}.  The problem isn’t exactly in my knee, either.  It’s above my knee.  And it’s not painful as much as it is swollen and tight, like a thick rubberband has been applied to that part of my leg.  I thought maybe an IT band issue.  Runners get that — I wish.  There’s a lot of information on that.  The more I read the more I came to believe it is a quad tendonitis.  That’s a tricky one because it’s more rare, and every time you engage your leg/knee you engage your quad muscle.  Try walking and not engaging your quad, go ahead, I’ll wait here.  Your leg is all jiggly, right?  Exactly.  And it can take a long time to heal.  So, for a few days at least I’m using crutches, ibuprofen and ice.  Once the tightness lets up I’ll take it easy for a few weeks more.  Does this mean I’m bagging exercise?

Not at all.

I will be strength training my upper body in an aerobic way solely for a while.  And that’s okay.  My lower body is far stronger than my upper body anyway.  Oh, and my non-existent core.  I’ll work that, too.  I’m not giving up.  I almost feel like it’s a test, early in my pursuit of health and how I handle it will say a lot about the probability of my success.  I’m focusing on the things that are positive, that I can control.  My eating, my other exercises, my mental stamina.  I got this people.  Just a bump in the road.

It’s interesting.  I’m mid cycle right now, well closer to my cycle than not.  And this is where I usually lose my mind with eating.  My appetite is up and if I’m eating bread and sugar those two substances go out of control, literally.  For 5-7 days before I completely lose my mind.  I eat uncontrollably with sometimes little recognition of the event.  And yesterday wasn’t much different, exccept a) I realized what was going on (the trigger), and b) I allowed myself to snack throughout the day.  What was different?  The types of food I snacked on.  Apricots (we found natural, no sugar added “dried” apricots at Costco) and some cashews.  Vegitables. A little extra protein.  Voila.  It felt like a lot of food, and it was, but the quality was different.  And the “binge” was much more controlled and less out of control.  I was consciously selecting what to eat and let me tell you.  It’s tough to binge on apricots.  About 5 in and I didn’t want to chew that anymore.  And after a short while, I lost my desire for it.  Binge over.

Now, yes, the behavior was still there, but this is day what, 4 eating healthy?  Next month will be even better and I’ll probably not have as much the habit or need to binge.  It’s amazing to watch what happens when you feed your body what it actually needs, how satisfied it becomes.

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