So, I’m sitting today out.  I have some pretty nasty arthritis in both knees, but in my “good” knee, the one I didn’t have reconstructive surgery on years ago, it’s the worst.  And walking in the cold 2 miles with a lot of incline yesterday didn’t do it much good.  😦  I iced it and took ibuprofen last night, but it’s stiff as a board today so I’m giving it some rest.  It’s something I have to learn to live with for now.  One day I’m sure I’ll have to have both knees replaced, but until that day, it’s not going to hold me back.  It might slow me down a bit, but it is what it is.

I hit my steps goal yesterday, 7,500 +.  I’m working on moving up to 10,000.  I surpassed my flight-of-stairs goals!  And I ate really well, though perhaps too many vegis yesterday.  My stomach was in a little shock.  I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say I’m trying to balance my vegi intake better today as well.

What I can tell you, on day 3, is that I’m already feeling better.  My bloating is all but gone.  My feet are back to a non-swollen state.  I’m sleeping better already and less need for naps.  Removing sugar is a miracle for me.

Last time, the only time, I’ve worked with a Whole30 approach I succeeded.  I did my 30 days, lost 13.2 pounds, felt amazing.  I ended my journey right as I left my old job and started my new career.  Timing was probably not the best as I tend to be a stress-eater and I didn’t have a lot of tools to handle it at the time.

Rather than following a slow and steady “reintegration” plan I simply dove back in to old habits.  I overdosed on everything.  Sugar, bread, even non-dairy (but sweetened) products.  You name it.  I ate it.  And I not only gained back the weight, I fell down the rabbit hole of sluggishness, swollen ankles, puffy face and hands, headaches, mid-day naps and general couch potato-ness.  Not a pretty sight.

I don’t intend to wide-scale reintroduce this time.  I intend to make whole-foods eating the majority of my lifestyle.  I’m sure there will be the occasion where cake is presented and I’ll likely enjoy a bite or two, but losing my mind again?  I don’t plan on that.  Like I said in my first post, I know this is not a journey that will be over quickly.  To reach my goal weight/size will probably take me the better portion of two years.  But it will only happen if I truly adopt a new approach to my eating habits.  And my moving habits.  And I’m committed.  Not ‘New Year’s Resolution’ committed, but committed for the long haul.  I am excited to see where I’ll be come next New Year’s Eve.


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